An Epic Act of Resistance and Trial of Our Times

By Lauren Smith, Telesur English. Above photo:The four members of the Embassy Protectors Collective, which will be tried before a United States court on On Feb.11. | Embassy Protection Collective The U.S.... Read more »

Embassy Protectors Express Solidarity With Max Blumenthal & Ben Rubinstein

Embassy Protectors Express Solidarity With Max Blumenthal & Ben Rubinstein The arrest of Max Blumenthal on Friday, October 25, 2019 highlighted to what extremes the US government will go to prosecute embassy... Read more »

US Unearths Cold War Treaty To Target Venezuela

The government of Venezuela has denounced the US invocation of a Cold War-era mutual defense treaty on behalf of the opposition ... Read more »

US Opens Venezuela Interest Section in Colombia as Guaido Rebuffs Further Talks

It remains unclear whether the new Venezuela Affairs Unit will facilitate talks with Caracas. Read more »

Venezuela Embassy Protectors to State Deptartment: No Illegal Eviction!

On May 13 the Embassy Protection Collective sent this communication to the U.S. State Department. Read more »

Declaration of the Embassy Protection Collective

We have joined together as the Embassy Protection Collective to show solidarity with the people of Venezuela and their right to determine their elected government. We are staying in the Venezuelan embassy... Read more »