Embassy Protectors Await Virtual Hearing On June 3

Update: The next hearing has been moved to June 3, 2020, and will be a virtual hearing because of the pandemic.

The Embassy Protectors’ hearing on February 28 was brief. The government prosecutors reached out to the Protectors’ lawyers early in the week to negotiate a resolution. As of the 28th, the details of that resolution had not been completed so the judge scheduled another hearing on March 6. That hearing has now been postponed until late April or early May. A definitive date has not been set yet. We will make an announcement when it is known.

The Protectors appreciate the dozen or so people who showed up for the hearing on Feb. 28 to show support and the hundreds of people who donated toward their legal defense. They hope this prosecution will be resolved soon so we can all focus our time and resources on ending US imperialism.

They remind you that May 25 to 31 is a week of actions against US sanctions on other countries. Visit the website SanctionsKill.org for more information.

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