February 28: Day of Decision on Embassy Protectors Retrial — Your Urgent Support Is Needed

By Ajamu Baraka Bahman Azad
Co-Chairs of the Embassy Protectors Defense Committee

Dear Supporters of Peace, Respect for Law, and Justice,

On behalf of the Embassy Protectors Defense Committee, we would like to thank all of you who have acted and given so generously in support of the four falsely charged Embassy Protectors over the last few months.

As you are well aware, the state’s first attempt at obtaining a conviction against the four Embassy Protectors ended with a hung jury after a prolonged jury deliberation that lasted longer than the trial itself. Yet, despite the state’s failure to convict the Embassy Protectors, even within the narrow limits imposed on the defense at the trial, we have reasons to believe that the state will not drop its almost irrational determination to convict the four Embassy Protectors.

The only reason why the Protectors were able to mount a successful defense was because of the extensive moral and financial support they received from all advocates of peace and justice throughout the country. With your support their lawyers were able to mount an effective fight in defense of the Protectors, even though the judge had ruled most of their evidence off limits.

But that fight has been expensive. With your help, we were able to raise funds beyond our originally estimated goal. But almost all of our funds have already been expended, and the Protectors will urgently need additional funds should the sate decide on February 28 to retry the case.

If the state decides to go forward with another trial, we must be prepared to support them with whatever it takes. Although we have increased our fundraising goal by another $40,000 to prepare for a longer legal fight, we need to have at least $10,000 of it in the Defense Committee’s account by February 28.

We understand that some of you may be waiting to see what happens on the 28th before giving again. But please let us suggest to you that we can’t wait. Please give what you can now, and pass on to everyone who might be in a position to give.

To make a donation, please visit the Defense Committee’s Web Site.

We need to demonstrate to all who may be monitoring our actions that the Embassy Protectors have the capacity to defend themselves if the prosecution makes the mistaken decision to retry the case.

This is a fight that can be won. But it will only be won with your help.

Our Struggle for Justice Continues.

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